Medieval French castles for battles of modern knights

15 Dec 2017 18:02
The French government kindly provides ancient castles for holding modern HMB combats.

Due to the work of French HMB Federation, two castles in France are repeatedly hosting HMB events. The tournament “Tournoi du château de Vincennes” has been held in the castle called Château de Vincennes. And the well-known citadel called Cité de Carcassonne is a place for “Tournoi de la citadelle” HMB event.

In these places, the past faced with nowadays, and history is reflected in the modern world.

Medieval buildings impress by their scale and old history. French kings have lived in Château de Vincennes more than 300 years. Charles V of France has built towers, city walls and Sainte-Chapelle cathedral on the second half of the 14th century. But in the 18 century the castle has been turned into the prison, and such famous persons as Duc de Beaufort, Nicolas Fouquet, Marquis de Sade, Denis Diderot have been among its prisoners.

The fortress Carcassonne is surrounded by double wall row with around 3 kilometers overall length. 52 towers are overlooking the fortress. The whole history of the building is counting around 2000 years. On the Middle Ages, the fortress was an important strategic point for the Kingdom of the Franks, as it was located on the southern outskirts of its lands and has been an important forward stronghold on the border with the Kingdom of Aragon. In the middle of the 19th century, the government tried to demolish an ancient building, but came across a fierce resistance from the local community. A few years later, restoration and archaeological work began. Since 1997, the fortress is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nowadays local municipalities are initiating the HMB tournaments on the territory of ancient castles. So the story comes to life, and knights again cross their swords under the massive walls. Tournaments with the picturesque and well-preserved background are much more impressive and authentic.

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