Medieval battles returned to the castle of Santa Severa!

04 Apr 2018 18:33
While reading the historical novels by Walter Scott, we can come up with images of medieval knights, long bloody sieges and the brilliance of royal lives. We imagine majestic castles, enveloped in the atmosphere of knightly duels, gloomy customs and medieval passions: massive stone walls, high ceiling vaults and fortress towers, crowned with flags. Nowadays, to visit such a castle is a rare fortune. But this year participants and guests of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” will have such an opportunity!

The castle of Santa Severa, where “Battle of the Nations”-2018 will be held, is considered to be one of the wonders of Italy. This majestic structure is an incredible heritage for the history and culture of the country. According to the chronicles, the history of the castle began in the end of the XX century. At this time, the Romans constructed here a powerful fortification, which was named after a girl Severa: according to a legend, she died a terrible death because of barbarians, refusing to renounce Christianity.

The castle had been through a lot: until the XV century it was owned by the most powerful Roman families. Our times also left the mark on the history of Santa Severa: the castle was very damaged during the World War II, and the restoration period took quite a long time. After that, the country leaders and Roman popes stayed in its chambers, and from 2014 the castle was opened for visitors.

When you come here, you`ll be surprised not only by the greatness of the castle, but also by the breathtaking landscapes around it. You will be absolutely infatuated with the sea-breeze and waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea, gently floating on the sandy beach. What is especially pleasant, anyone can enjoy the rest on the beach for free.

There are legends that Severa, tragically killed in this place hundreds of years ago, still wanders around the castle and its environs. Come to touch this legend and plunge into the atmosphere of brilliant medieval tournaments. We are sure that you will never forget “Battle of the Nations”-2018 and the beautiful heritage of the past in the name of the castle of Santa Severa!


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