Medics will be present at the “Battle of the Nations”-2014 day and night

08 Apr 2014 13:45

Participants of “Battle of the Nations-2014″ can rely on round-the-clock medical assistance.

The information was given by Sergei Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations.

Even the most reckless fighters have nothing to worry about: there’s a twenty-four-hour hospital with all necessary equipment, like an X-ray unit, echography apparatus and other devices, two minutes away from the venue in Trogir.

In addition, there will be medics supervising the things going at “Battle of the Nations” round the clock, with an ambulance at their disposal, so they’ll need only 2 minutes to get to the hospital mentioned above. Of course, the ambulances have all necessary equipment as well.

According to the organizers, last year, after the “French” “Battle of the Nations,” all the men left the venue on their two feet”. The participants visited first-aid tents, but mainly to get treatment for bruises and scratches.

Concerning the injury rate, the battles can be compared with hockey or rugby, but of course, if a person has a good armor.

Marina Nagornaya
“HMBIA News”

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania