McNaughton, Scotland: “We’ve founded regional clubs across the country to select the best fighters for the National Team”

28 Oct 2014 12:44

Participation in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014 gave us a lot of invaluable experience which our team started to implement immediately after returning from Croatia. We continued to train and taught novices, shared our experiences with them.

At the beginning of our preparation for Battle of the Nations-2014 we had only one set of armor, which made it impossible to train in a normal way. To somehow compensate the lack of equipment, we devoted a lot of time to physical training, martial arts and fencing. Eventually, over time, the team got the necessary amount of armor and weapons, which allowed us to train properly and intensively.

Having organized the Scottish Knight League, we have founded regional clubs across the country to increase the number of HMB fighters and to be able to select the best of them for the National Team. As a result, the National Team of Scotland, composed of the best fighters from around the country, will be represented at Battle of the Nations-2015.

I can recommend the new teams, that are just starting their HMB career, the following things: – You need to create in your countries centralized HMB organizations to provide logistical support to the National Teams, clubs and individual fighters. You need to develop rules for the organizations and clearly follow them;

– Get the public’s attention and help to form the public opinion;

– Get the necessary amount of armor and weapons as soon as possible.

Dave McNaughton,
captain of the «Deils Claymores» HMB club,
captain of the National Team of Scotland


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Oradea Fortress, Romania