Mathis Vidal: “…buhurt – it is real, you can’t fake like in football”

30 Oct 2017 13:19
Mathis Vidal from Clermont-Ferrand that is in the middle of France is HMB fighter for almost 4 years. Its a solid term when you are 21 years old. He loves HMB-sport and wants to become top fighter in the country. But lets start from the beginning of his HMB-story.

Mathis Vidal:
“So I came in buhurt 4 years ago, I was 17, I met some fighters in a little reenactment festival. There I met Hugues Lafon, a famous french fighter, now retired, at that time he was one of the best, we met and he told me about that sport. We created the club “Les bannerets d’Auvergne” in our region, there were not so many fighters in France at that time, maybe 80-100. But it has grown very big now, I think we are the country in Western Europe with the biggest amount of fighters”.

After they created the club “Les bannerets d’Auvergne”, guys started to train and fight, they also organized tournament in Castle of Murol 2 years in a row, lots of teams came, even Russian ones like “Bear paws”. After 2 years Mathis took a break in HMB-sport to travel in South America. Traveling he has no opportunity to train, but he said that this travel changed his way of seeing this sport.

Mathis Vidal:
“Before we took it more like a hobby, and now, it’s a sport, with regular trainings, more serious. I’ve trained harder since, I want to become top fighter in France, lots are better than me, but I’m still young and I know I can improve”.

Mathis is a great fighter – he came into the National Team of France this year and HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017 in Barcelona became the first in his HMB-history.

Mathis Vidal:
“I’m very proud because we won Bronze in “21vs21″, and it was thrilling moment, it also shows that France becoming better and better. But I think main development needs to be arround communication and popularization, in France we don’t have a good reputation, we need to improve that, I’m working on a webseries to show tournaments from inside and see who we fighters really are”.

Good fights is a great job. Sportsmen have to train harder and harder to show results, improve skills and attract newbies. “Les bannerets d’Auvergne” HMB-club now much bigger than 4 years ago. At first there were 6 fighters – now they have 25. Guys train MMA and Muay Thai, martial arts and also physical work out. And of course training in armor. Clubmates are trying to train 2-3 times a week. Of course everybody knows that HMB is a tough sport with possibility to get injury. Fighters families are in worry all the time. But our hero is joking at it.

Mathis Vidal:
“My mother is a nurse in hospital, as long as I don’t come to her work everything is fine for her haha ))). I want 8 children, so that would be a complete team. when they reach 10 years old they will spend a week in SIberia and try to survive against bears attack. More seriously I think yes, if they are ok with it”.

As we see, Mathis will be the toughest papa in the world! HMBIA News reporter asked him “What do he likes more in this sport?” And that`s what mr. Vidal told:

Mathis Vidal:
“In my city we have a big culture of rugby, our club is one of the best in Europe, and we say that in rugby, we fight on field, and then we drink beer together as brother, it is the same thing for buhurt, but it is real, you can’t fake like in football. As fighters we need to surpass ourselves each fight, what is thrilling is that we do it for a team, we represent our club or beat, in BOTN our country. France is said to be the country of chivalry, we must be worth of that history when we fight!”.

Mathis Vidal is a young man, but he is a big sportsmen and a big person, who wants to improve himself and wants to help other fighters to improve. He loves HMB-sport and do a lot for it`s development. Lets wish him great victories and not wish him to visit his mom at work.


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