Marshal summit second round or lost in translation

07 May 2015 19:14

Another Marshal summit on the eve of the “Battle of the Nations – 2015″ was held on May, the 6th 2015, in Prague. Actually it duplicated the issues discussed by marshals in Geneva while people from Australia and Argentina could not join the discussion at the time.

It is noteworthy that last year’s Marshal summit took place in Prague as well and also on May, 9-12. Indeed, marshals take every opportunity to clarify the rules of the championship. The head of Marshal Committee, Alexander Davydov, several times emphasized that there is a need for good communication between marshals from different countries. In particular, within this summit, who was repeated “encores” for marshals from Australia and Argentina, the difficulties of translation became the hot topic to talk about.

Even in English-speaking countries there are some language differences, not to mention the translation of HMB rules from language to language: with multiple translations for the same text there is no way to avoid inaccuracies. Among the other reasons this situation creates the necessity to streamline communication between marshals.

As an example Alexander Davydov told the story about the captain of the team, who was its only English-speaking member and translated the rules for buhurt category to his compatriots in the guise of rules for the professional fights.

Speaking of buhurt, marshals discussed why there is no chance for HMB to borrow football and hockey approaches for disqualification: when back on the lists at the expiration of the period of Ineligibility, the fighter can hit the enemy in the back. In addition, a few seconds can decide the outcome of a battle, so it is possible that the fight will end before the time of disqualification of a fighter runs out.

Thus, the marshals constantly consider the possibility of improving the existing rules. In particular, after last year injures’ practice, this year capturing with a direct pressure on the neck (when the weapon is under the helmet) was prohibited, while capturing of the opponent’s body from the back with the help of weapons is allowed only through this opponent’s raised hand.

Another point that Alexander Davydov emphasized was the safety of the fighters, which, along with objectivity, should be the priority of the Marshal Committee. As for splits in the HMB movement of particular countries, marshals should be nonpartisan and impartial in all circumstances.

“We shouldn’t have any political views, personal preferences or gender”, – the Head of Marshals Committee said. He also added that the previous version of the presentation mistook “no gender” for “no sex”, so marshals should carefully watch their language, if they don’t want to get lost in translation.

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