Markus Walder, Switzerland: “For me it is a way of life!”

12 Dec 2014 10:31
Markus Walder,
fighter of “Kettenhunde” club,
fighter of the National Team of Switzerland… Concerning his way to HMB sport
I started in a group of Fantasy and Show-fight, but then I realized very quickly that was not for me. I had asked myself what else was available, and when I read in a Swiss newspaper report concerning “Battle of the Nations” and met people from the “Bern” club, I wanted to join the business.

For me it is a way of life, almost a meditation to dress and fight in medieval armor, and when I put on the helmet I feel comfortable. Only the instincts, reaction and the adrenaline are left. This is like a therapy for me, in today’s world
everything is safe regulated, but on the lists the things are brutal and violent, and I enjoy that aspect of being a man.


… Concerning his armor and weapons
I have a suit of armor from 1390-1410-s which was used in the south of Germany. I chose the time period and region because I live in Switzerland and therefore I identify myself with this historical region.

I prefer shield (for its striking edges) and mace. In the “all vs all” battles I also like my two-handed axe.

… Concerning sports in general
I used to practise kickboxing for a long time and now I use a few techniques from that sport.

… Concerning his combat techniques and features
As I’ve already said, I enjoy my shield edge, I like it because it has good weight and can give good hits.


… Concerning qualities needed by any HMB fighter
A fighter needs a good basic fitness and stamina. He should also have a good mind to understand tactics and strategy. You should also be able to fight in a team, because this is the only way to win.

… Concerning trainings and tournament preparations
First, I go running. Living in Switzerland we have the advantage of mountains which are everywhere. On weekends I go with my family to the mountains, and my daughter now has 30 kg, as much as my armor, so I carry her up the mountain. For me, it is a good workout. We also practise judo and sword fighting techniques in the club.… Concerning the season of 2014
I was in Bernau, Chateux Thierry, Spain, “Battle of the Nations”, Schluderns, Ependes, Nuremberg and had fantastic times. In France it was great as we stormed the castle. But the best thing is that one meets friends sharing the same hobby everywhere.

… Concerning his favorite category
My favorite category is buhurt. In France, I participated in a pro-fight, in Spain fought in “sword-shield”, but buhurt suits me the best. There you can also proceed tactically and you have to fight in the group to win. One can use his favorite weapon which is best in buhurt.


… Concerning the National Team
Unfortunately, it is not easy to find fighters in Switzerland for full contact. Men mostly come once, take a look and then we hear nothing more of them. The most of them want to walk around in shining armor at markets and shows. If we do not question anything then we cannot continue to develop.

We had a good start. But now it means to learn. In every battle you learn more and therefore it is important for us to participate in as many tournaments as possible. This being said, it is always hard for a new team to understand what was good and bad, but watching the video it is clearer than it was under the hot sun.

… Concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2014
Our neighbors the Frieslanders were a super likeable team. Our Russian friends were very nice and made us feel like home.

There were some good teams at “Battle of the Nations” and some were not so good. Next year the level will continue to rise, because I think other teams will train even harder.

… Concerning the most memorable battle
I remember the first round against t  he Czech Republic, I was the only fighter left of my team and the Czech team had only one fighter too, then I hit him hard in the face with my shield edge and we won the battle. I also liked to fight against the French and Italian Teams because they were very strong and friendly fighters.

… Expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015
We’ll go with a different mindset to “Battle of the Nations”-2015. Last year we did not know what to expect, but now we can assess the future differently. We also train harder and that’s why I find it exciting that we’ll get strong opponents in 2015.… Wishes to novices
You should use only good equipment at “Battle of the Nations”. It is not a children’s birthday party, but a full contact sport. One should always keep in mind that and of course, train, train, train.

Interview by
Miroslav Eremenko,

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