Mark Jackson, USA: “… the Buhurt League Open Tournament was a great success”

15 Nov 2017 12:10
This weekend at Fresno, California (the USA) there were the largest HMB tournament in the history of the USA – “The 3rd Annual HMB California Classic”. This event was held under the Buhurt League system. Fighters from different countries came there to win the main price and medals. Mark Jackson, the President and CEO of the “Company of The Gauntlet and Rose”, which is a newly formed nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for traveling, lodging, and tournament venues in the USA, told HMBIA News about that event and it`s results.
Mark Jackson:
“The key to the success of this tournament was our coordination with Buhurt League International in ensuring that we would have certified marshals. Their support in sending Vitaly Makaryan and George Yurchak as our Knight Marshals, their support in coordinating additional certified marshals and volunteers from the USA, Mexico, and Argentina, and also their support in promoting this tournament was greatly appreciated”.

So here are the results of “The 3rd Annual HMB California Classic”-2017 in the “5vs5″ nomination:
1 – Mexico ACM
2 – Club “Ursus” (San Jose, California)
3 – Club “Ordo Draconis” (San Diego, California)
4 – Club “Gauntlet and Rose” (Fresno, California)
5 – Club “Ordo Draconis”- “Ordo 2” (San Diego, California)
6 – Club “Iron Rook” (Seattle, Washington)
Also, there were two teams of women’s 5v5 melee that fought in a second bracket.

Georgy Yurchak, Knight Marshal of HMBIA from Latvia who worked on the tournament also told HMBIA News that he got good impressions after the event.

Georgy Yurchak:
“The Mexicans showed good results with the help a fighter from Ukraine. And so, everything is in the normal mode. There were no serious violations of the rules. There was only one appeal, but it was rejected. There was also one injure, but not so serious. Marshals that worked with me are just interns, they showed themselves pretty well, some of them trains with me for a long time and there were guys from the USA, who has experience in judging local tournaments, but in general I’m satisfied with the tournament”.

HMBIA notices that it was also the National Qualifying Tournament for HMB World Championship “Battle of The Nations”-2018 – Team USA. So the “Ursus” HMB-club will fights as USA-2 in Italy.

Mark Jackson:
“I feel the Buhurt League Open Tournament was a great success. We enjoyed the help and support of HMBIA, Buhurt League International, HMB USA, the American Medieval Combat Federation, and Empire of Medieval Pursuits. We also appreciate our collaborative efforts with Belagarth Foam Fighting and the combining of two Historical European Martial Arts organizations: Iron Gate Sword Fighting and Davenriche European Martial Arts”.

So HMBIA and our editorial office are glad there are a lot of great and serious HMB tournaments worldwide and we can`t wait to see National team of the USA on the lists of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018.


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