Malte Karnatz, Germany: “We, Germans, prefer to protect our novices with the heavy armor”

14 May 2015 14:41

“Probably my reason to enter a movement is very simple: I like to fight. I’ve broken my rib on the eve of the Championship, that’s why I perform as a spectator this year, but I have three years of fighting experience, not to mention judo, kickboxing, and other stuff.

About the Championship

I think, it’s great, especially the water at the shower that is always hot, but when we get here there were no toilettes. Ok, it was Tuesday, but we needed to prepare, to put up a tent and to make all other stuff that provides us with essential goods. Well, here we are now, and speaking about the fights, those are awesome – fighting is always awesome, whenever you practice it or watch the others.

About the novices

Well, usually they make one simple mistake that could be avoided by a few trainings, especially students, who see the tough men and jump to a self-derogative conclusions like there is no chance to stand against an experienced fighter, etc.

About the armor

We, Germans, prefer to protect our novices with the heavy armor. Maybe, this tactics contradicts our will to win, but we prefer to have our teammates alive rather than to have victory at all costs. While standing such a “static” novice can block two fighters or even strike them out of the fight. Of course, somebody needs to attack as well, so lighter knights should be more active with such a teammate covering their back.

About the trainings

I believe we should learn from each other, and over some time, even the light novices can stand longer or – what is better for their self-esteem – knock their opponent down: it is impossible that hard training can’t be fruitful in one way or another.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania