Makarian, Ukraine: “During the tournament the marshal has to forget about his /her “citizenship”

23 Oct 2014 15:31

In principle, anyone can become an HBM marshal. However, a real HMB marshal must possess a number of important qualities, namely to be able to make decisions instantly, have resistance to stress, and, of course, know the rules of combat. The marshal has to pay special attention to prohibited actions, i.e. he/she should know all the nuances. In addition, during the tournament the marshal has to forget about his /her “citizenship” and be impartial, independent. It doesn’t matter for a good marshal representatives of which country are on the lists.

The offseason is not a reason to relax. The time should be devoted to self-education. As for me, I watch videos from previous tournaments, analyze situations and work of marshals. It is painstaking and important work.

Also, do not forget that a good physical form is necessary not only for fighters, but for marshals as well, because the fighting schedule is busy, and you have to spend all day on your feet.

Everyone understands that a good marshal means an experienced marshal! Experience can be gained via attending a lot of tournaments. Attending the tournaments, you can participate as a marshal, or just observe the work of referees from the distance.Both ways can help to gain experience or refresh previously acquired marshal skills.

Vitalii Makarian, Ukraine,
knight marshal of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014,
a longtime member of the HMB movement

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania