Lukas Kowal: “Prime is another chance to confirm strength of our team …”

21 Jan 2019 20:55
White Company from UK got the 1st place in the Buhurt League ranking but these guys are not going to stop there. Lukas Kowal, captain of the White Company HMB club told that not all victories were flawless and they aim to change it in the next season.

Having the opportunity to participate in Buhurt Prime – one of the most prestigious HMB world tournaments, the guys from the UK just waiting for the opportunity to fight with the best teams.

Lukas Kowal:
“We see Prime as yet another chance to confirm strength of our team against the best in the world. Tournament is very prestigious but we approach it with the same mentality as other events. We always aim for the victory and it will not be any different for the Buhurt Prime”.

HMBIA News is sure that all fights of White Company will be uncompromising and spectacular. We will eagerly be waiting to see it with our own eyes.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania