Lönn, Finland: “Our motto was “Never give up!”

08 Oct 2014 11:05

Everything is possible if you believe it and apply efforts to make your dream come true. It was one of the most important lessons our team learned after the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2014.

When we decided to take part in the tournament, we had only four months to prepare. In addition, we did not have sets of armor and weapons, and most importantly, we had no combat experience! But, after all, we managed to find fourteen men who dared to attend the event. They entered the Finnish National Team!

In the process of training, even at its earliest stages, our motto was “Never give up!”

In addition, we knew that we had to be in much better shape, tougher, stronger, etc. And, of course, we wanted to have lighter and more comfortable armor.

In the end, our first experience got at Battle of the Nations-2014 was phenomenal! I can tell novices that no matter what challenges and obstacles you might face getting to the Championship, you realize it is worth applying the efforts when you enter the lists! Once your team is on the lists, everything is well.

Juri Lönn,
captain of the National Team of Finland


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania