Lönn, Finland: “Everyone in the National Team can choose freely what kind of armour set to use”

08 Apr 2015 12:22

In our National Team everyone can choose freely what kind of armour set to use. I have opted to get a lightweight splint mail for my arms and legs and brigandine for my torso. My set is dated back to the end of the 14th century and middle Europe. I have chosen that time because I like the movability of those kinds of armour.

I think that our HMB sport is a place where tough fights meet good performance and the appearance of armour sets is an important part of it. So, I’ve made my armour kit look great.

For helmet I will have a bascinet with a ribcage visor since it offers fairly good protection and really good field of vision. It’s also much easier to breath in that compared to a closed helmet.

Concerning the weapons, I prefer striking shield to stagger my opponents and curved handle falchion for giving those good and hard hits. Also, my falchion protects my fingers and enables strong strikes with one hand. String hits to the helmet with heavy shield are very useful in various situations.

Juri Lönn,
captain of the National Team of Finland



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania