Le Tournoi Des Flandres: results and impressions

09 Nov 2017 13:35
“Le Tournoi des Flandres“ was the last tournament of the year for the teams of the French championship. And the first one, holding by the Buhurt League system in France.

The teams fought hard to gain the last points for the French ranking and for the Buhurt League standings. That made fights really impressive.
It was also held in a better place than last year with the bigger open space for fighters, for the public and for the medieval market.

20 teams came from France, Great Britain and the Netherlands to participate in it.

John Walbrecq, French HMB Federation Vice-President, shared his impressions:
“We could see a lot of friendship and mutual help between the fighters, but the rest between the fights was too long”.

The first place won the “White company” team from Great Britain. The captain Pavel Kurchak is proud of his guys and pointed their significant development as HMB fighters!

Pavel Kurchak:
“I’m proud of my team’s performance, guys are getting better and better every time we fight. Apart from one round that ended 2-0 for us vs the hosts Hommes du Nord we won all the fights decisively. This is not to say the fights were not tough. I was quite tired getting into semi-final and final, but “White Company“ showed once again that we are tough, ruthless and clinical, when entering the field. We have got a very cohesive team, where every fighter can replace any other one. We don’t have “tanks” “runners” etc. We have fighters. It makes me giggle, when I hear these fancy names”.

“White Company“ are really dangerous – they are seriously committed to win Western Europe Conference!

Pavel Kurchak: “I’m truly excited of the format of the League becoming a driving force in development of the sport. The “White Company’s“ goal is to win Western Europe Conference in its first season”.

John Walbrecq highly evaluates the League and says it is breaking the borders!
“The Buhurt League came at the right time to grow our sport up and give it a new dimension.

There were still a very few teams going out to fight abroad. For now, we have already know about the fighters’ plans to go for fighting to other countries this weekend. I think this initiative will give a new dimension to the sport, breaking the borders and bringing new momentum to our movement.

The Buhurt League brings an interest of fighters to foreign tournaments, in which some teams would not have been interested before”.

We want to remind that “Le Tournoi Des Flandres“ has been held for the third time and it is becoming more and more important every year. This time a new HMB team from Monaco, “Grimaldi Milites” took part in it. They impressed a lot of people by showing progress only in a few fights!

There were 3 women’s teams in the “3vs3″ category, and that’s why their results haven’t been counted for the Buhurt League statistic.

At the end we would like to present the winner’s list:

Category “5 vs 5”
1st place – White Company (GB)
2nd place – Bad Company (Fr)
3nd place – Men of the North (Fr)

Category “3 vs 3”
1st place – The Maidens (Fr)
2nd place – Sword of Cygnus (GB)
3rd place – Kenau (NL)

You can find the overall statistics by following the link.

Thanks for the provided photo to Stephane Decool! More photo you can find by this link.


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