Koryagin (Russia): “One could call the present summit historical…”

22 Dec 2016 22:23
Russia’s Ivan Koryagin – a member of Committee of development of the HMBIA, head of the Tournament Committee, shared with us his impressions of the HMB Summit – 2016 in Milan.

According to him, summit 2016 has demonstrated that HMB movement achieved new level. It is evident that people do not want to be just a part of the movement, now they try to set more and more ambitious goals, evaluate the consequences and risks of their decisions and plan their work for a few years in advance. HMB sport for a lot of the participants stops being a hobby and becomes a real job.

Ivan Koryagin:
“The event itself was organized and conducted on the very high level. Great place, attention even to insignificant details, absence of delays and a great work of organizers created appropriate conditions for constructive discussion of vital questions of the HMBIA development, the organization of “Battle of the Nations”-2017 and for simple friendly chat”.

In the discussion of HMBIA Summit’s summary, Ivan noted summit’s importance and uniqueness for the movement as a whole.

Ivan Koryagin:
“One could call the present summit historical, without embellishment, because it was a place where a decision was made to change an already traditional duel category “Triathlon” and separate it into three individual categories – longsword, sword-buckler and shield-sword”.

While commenting the changes, the participants of the Summit, declared with confidence that thanks to these changes, more fighters will get possibility to fight for a place in the National teams of their countries. Also, the combats in three separate nominations will allow for the increase in the skill level of the movement’s participants as a whole.


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