Koryagin, Russia: “Battle of the Nations grows and develops rapidly”

23 May 2016 18:30
“Battle of the Nations” is getting bigger. This year was attended by more people than ever, more than 700 fighters from different countries have confirmed their participation. Among them are veterans, as well as very young sportsmen, who visited “Battle of the Nations” for the first time. The changes were made and in the volunteer staff – a lot of new faces in the Secretary dept and among the curators of the teams.
HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” -2016 was full of experiments that have been quite successful. This year the organizers have introduced two new women categories – the “3×3″ and “polearm duel”. At the request of the participants and to the delight of the audience were almost all categories in one large and comfortable arena. One more feature of the “Battle of the Nations” -2016 was the fact that this is the first championship of such format, which lasted for the whole 5 days. The experiment was completed successfully and now we can say that thanks to hard work and five days of continuous fighting, all those who participated in this event – fighters, artists, merchants, organizers and many others honorably withstood this test and made “Battle of the Nations” -2016 a truly outstanding event.
Now the “Battle of the Nations”-2016 came to an end and we offer you a series of articles on a variety of impressions of the tournament – the tournament organizers and fighters.
First article in this series we wrote about the impressions and experience of the member of the HMBIA Development Committee, head of the Tournament Committee of the HMB World Championship  “Battle of the Nations”-2016, member of the HMB-movement Ivan Koryagin from Russia.
According to Ivan, because the “Battle of the Nations” was held this year in Prague, as well as last year, it largely facilitated the work, although it has deprived the championship of some bit of novelty and charm.
Ivan Koryagin: “Prague is already a familiar place for the participants and for the organizers. Due to the fact that we are well represented, what, where and how to do thanks to the experience of last year, the work proceeded fairly quickly and clearly to me personally, experience and achievements. The last year allowed to correct a number of deficiencies in the work of the tournament committee and also take into account the wishes of many soldiers and captains of national teams. It also greatly improved the interaction between the tournament and Marshall committees, which in practice means full coordination and almost complete absence of errors in the logging and calculating the results. It is not directly connected with my work, but I would like to note the high quality of the online broadcast, the excellent work of the technical group, sound engineers, media groups and, of course, the commentators. In general, I can say that the level of the organization has grown significantly since last year “.
At the same time, Ivan, as a veteran of the HMB-movement , spoke about his impressions of the fighting.
Ivan Koryagin: “I was pleasantly surprised by the increased level of technical and strength training of some teams, as well as mastery of a relatively new and young men in terms of 1×1 in women’s and men’s categories. A large number of teams in the 21×21 category was also a pleasant surprise for me, the majority of team members still lack the expertise to compete on equal terms with the strongest national teams, but this gap in experience and skill is rapidly declining, which can’t please all the ISF and the “Battle of the Nations” lovers.
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