Kohvakko: “The coach is the most valuable thing that a fighter can have”

13 Nov 2017 13:08
You hardly can find anyone in the HMB-world who does not know Galina Kohvakko. Everyone knows her as an excellent fighter, showing consistently high results, as well as an excellent companion and a person who sincerely loves HMB-sport. She invests all her soul not only in her own training, but also in the preparation of a new generation of HMB-athletes. Galina opened her Fencing School “SWORD” in 2013. Her personal mentor and coach, two-time World Champion on the ISF in the category “Triathlon” Alex Petrik gave all the support in this beginning of the young athlete. Since then, she trains juniors and adults in dueling nominations: “Sword&Shield duel”, “Sword&Buckler duel”, “Longsword duel” and “Sword&Sword” categories, About this, training, part of her life Galina told in an interview to HMBIA News.
Galina Kohvakko:
“I like a lot in this work. First of all, perhaps, the opportunity to pass on my experience. I think that the most valuable thing in training – is methods. I observe how many fighters, having a great experience, sometimes do not use basic techniques. Although staging the strike and basic defenses is the skill you can`t become a successful fighter without. I also really love our training atmosphere! We have very comfortable, in terms of communication, groups. Sometimes, after a hard day, it’s hard for me to start training – but, pouring into the process, I forget about all the problems”.

Galina takes her studies very seriously and the students ignite with renewed vigor looking at her in work. Motivation in training is a very important point and our heroine motivates her guys with her personal example and her results.

“I am fencing myself in every lesson to see the process from the other side, to regulate the load, to select the optimal exercises. I work in tandem with the fighters that I prepare for serious competitions, in order to track and correct all the shortcomings in technics.” Generally, the preparation of a swordsman is a hard and long work. The motivation should appare from the battles, adrenaline, finally with the new combination, new opportunities”.

Galina herself admits that she is so worried about the students during their fights at the competitions. However, she does not limit herself to excitement – she supports and helps her fighters in every possible way, gives advice and instructions based on her experience and practice. For some of her students, even the presence of the coach behind their backs is beneficial and calming.

HMBIA News asked an experienced, successful and titled athlete to share her experience, which she considers the most important in sport. Galina answered the following:

“A coach, literate and experienced, is the most valuable thing that a fighter can have: learn from the best, clarify the techniques, participate in seminars and do not expect quick wins. Tough and patient work is the only way that gives stable results on the lists. Bad habits, if you have them – this greatly hampers the training process. Good luck in the battles and be noble in the lists.”

We wish Galina Kohvakko and her students new interesting fights and strong opponents. We thank her for an interesting conversation and looking forward to her new fights on the lists of World Championship in HMB “Battle of Nations”.


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