Kinsfolk and HMB-sport: brothers shoulder to shoulder

05 Jan 2018 18:15
HMB-sport has been not just a hobby of individuals, but a family thing long time ago. In clubs and even National teams of many countries you can meet people who are bound by marriage, serious relationships, or even blood ties. It is an honor to write about such people. Today we will talk about two brothers whose lives are directly related to the HMB.
The HMB began quite habitually for members of our movement for 2 brothers from Russia – Ivan and Dmitry Koryagin: wooden sticks and training in the nearest park. The younger brother carried away this elder and the guys soon could no longer imagine their lives without fighting and training.

Ivan Koryagin:
“It is always very confusing for older brothers when the younger one becomes more and more strong and can fight
back”. – joked Ivan.

So the Ivan bought his own sword and start training as well. So this hobby even more united two brothers. Brothers became well known swordsmen in their city St.-Peterburg, but they wanted more and they start traveling to other cities to fight and test their mastery. They had a lot of friends from other cities and countries who shared the passions of our brothers. When they are together, nothing bad could happen to them.

Ivan Koryagin:
“There was only one tournament that Dmitry went alone. This was the tournament where he received very nasty injury and it was just a huge luck that it wasn’t very serious. After that we traveled to big tournaments only together”.

Time passed and the hobby of the brothers was called – Historical Medieval Battle. HMBIA appeared and the brothers gladly joined this organization. Dmitry Koryagin continued to engage in battles and even entered the National team of Russia, the elder brother Ivan preferred to organize.

A few years later, Dmitry left the fighting and engaged in no less useful for the sport business – he is now a blacksmith and, among other things, makes armor for fighters. And Ivan headed the HMBIA Tournament Committee.
What the conclusion can be drawn of this story? If I tried HMB-sport, it’s impossible to leave it!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania