“Key factors of HMB development”

19 Jan 2017 17:05

Historical Medieval Battles movement growths and develops step by step. New fighters and even countries join our movement every year. HMB started from only four nations and hundred of fighters in 2009 and became a worldwide practiced sport with more than seven hundred fighters from 30 nations that participated in World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2016. For the moment, HMB represented in more than 45 countries from 6 continents.

However, have you ever thought about what are the core moments of the global sports development? What are the main factors that influences rapid growth of HMB? Well, it is quite hard questions that is not so easy to explain in a few words. It is more like a topic for a long discussion. But we’ll try to argue a bit about our movement and its key factors of sports development.

From the logical point of view it is quite clear that the primary forcing power are fighters, persons who are interested in the movement. Them are the starting point of HMB movement – without fighters we would have nothing. The case if nobody wants to practice and train means no HMB movement at all. The second moment is the training process. To improve the competence in HMB the person should train in a proper way. Wrongly planned and organized training process will not raise fighters skills. Even more, it could negatively affect to physical and special HMB behavior of the fighter. To go forward as a fighter the person need to find the best possible solution where, how and with whom to train.

Further, when somebody doing the sport and trains hard, after some time he or she will apparently have a desire to check themselves and their skills in practice. Then, in our case, if we have fighters who are eager to combat the rivals, there should be some events that whips them all together. So, the third important moment for the movement development are tournaments. HMB tourneys are not only the motivation for personal growth of fighters (everybody wants to be a winner). Tournaments are an indicators of the training process as well, it helps to understand strengths&weaknesses to apply an appropriate changes to the training process. But to participate in the tournament it is not enough to be ready physically and technically only. The fighter should get and prepare an equipment (armor and weapon)  – the fourth factor that affects HMB development and spectacularity of combats.

Four previous factors are significant for HMB. However, we would like to give an accent to the fifth factor, that for our opinion is the main driving force of HMB movement development for the moment. We are talking about HMB clubs. This kind of organizations plays a very important role in our sports&culture movement. Even more, them are the core units of HMB movement. The main reason that causes such important status is that HMB club that strives its own clear goals from the beginning develops HMB structure on its local level. It is able to manage and influence previously mentioned factors of HMB development. For example, it promotes the sport to attract new members. Then to provide an appropriate training conditions and grow a new generations of HMB fighters, the club organizes a training base. Club is able to assist a fighter or newcomer with equipment or to recommend good armor kit and manufacturer at least. The main organizational moments of preparation to the tournaments and participation in them are solved by the club as well. Sometimes the club even organizes its own events.

That is why the evolution of HMB movement bases on the development of HMB clubs, its culture and structure.

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