Jure Kutnar about the seminar with “Partizan 1″: “…. It was an amazing experience”

04 Apr 2017 19:29
The end of March was hot for HMB Slovenia. There was a seminar with Russian team “Partizan 1″ that became the first step of forming the tradition of such events. March 25-26 in Lubliana 7 fighters from Slovenia and 2 fighters from Croatia met fighters of Russia. It was the beggining ….. and what happened next HMBIA News knew from Jure Kutnar, captain of National team of Slovenian and President of buhurt club in Slovenia.

Jure Kutnar: “In fall we met one member of “Bern club” (Russia) Alexander Titov who came to our country to study. We thought it was an idea that he could invite some fighters from his club to give us some seminar. We saw this as a big opportunity and so we did it. He invited Andrey Kiselyus and Ivan Borovikov from “Partizan1″ with a pleasant surprise – Pasha from Bristol also came to help them.

Seminar in Lubliana lasted 2 days and the program of the event was rich. On the first day Russians was teaching us how to work on psychological and physical preparation needed for HMB-sport. They showed exercises they do in the process of preparation for the fights.

Jure Kutnar: “Then we started working on sword exercises and stands. After, we fought with soft equipment in groups “5vs5″ and “2vs1″. Then we were doing grappling and throwing techniques and in the end foot and arms fighting techniques. On the second day we were in gym doing striking techniques. Also, we talked about different situations on the battlefield from their experience what to do or not to do during the fights and after it”.

Seminar came to the end and Jure Kutnar told us about its results. According to him, they found out a lot about techniques and tactics. But, also, they got priceless treasure! They became the team!

Jure Kutnar: “It was an amazing experience. We got the feeling what it means to be devoted to this sport. We got the sense of what it means to be doing this and that in the end is important to devote yourself to this sport. We knew that you have to work hard, train hard and in the end the results will come to you. If you train hard there is always place for improvements. After this seminar we knew just what it feels like to have team of 5 people function like one”.

Before this seminar HMBIA News had the opportunity to speak with member of WMFC Knights in airport. He was one of the teachers in this seminar. He told us, that such events is important in sport and it is always a pleasure to share the experience with others.

Slovenian captain mentioned that they are planning to have a seminar like this every year. They loved the experience and knowledges. This tradition will help them to win and to be much stronger.


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