Jimenez, Mexico. Remembering about the future

27 Sep 2014 13:27

We really enjoy doing this, so in Mexico we expect this to grow, and become a big sport. First we think our system is good, for now, there are not many Mexicans in armor fighting, right now, so we are trying to promote this new sport and get more people to play with us.

We have 3 different groups trying 3 different methods of training. All of them have proved to be good, so we are promoting each one try their own method. In one hand, one group use many physical exercises and gym training. The other one uses mostly sparring, learning trough sparring. And the other one uses mostly agility exercises. So at the end of our season we will see what worked better, we have programed several encounters between the groups, to gain more experience in combat.

I must say that for now, the teams in Mexico are starting, we are managing them from our, organization, that is Asociacion Mexicana de Combate Historico Medieval A.C. So we have now 3 clubs and there are other 3 integrating in this project, as we are in paperwork the roles aren’t clear yet, but we are on that. For now, some of our fighters like, Israel Ortiz, Orion Maldonado from the city of Morelia, and Daniel Estrada from Distrito Federal, are taking care of the other clubs we already have and making them grow. There is also Oscar Parra from Aguascalientes joining in this project, and several guys from Guadalajara trying to make a new club.

For the next “Battle of the Nations” we really need to upgrade our armor, we found lot of details we need to correct, in order to have better performance, and also we hope to have more fighters, because we didn’t had spares this year. So that will definitely be a great help, so yes, better equipment, a new fighters should be the strategy to follow in order to make a better job. And we expect to climb and someday become a respected team and a very strong opponent to the other nations.

Alberto Baal Jimenez,
captain of the National Team of Mexico



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania