Ivan Koryagin about Dynamo Cup: “We wish all the participants victories and successes”

30 Nov 2017 22:15

“Dynamo Cup” -2017 is near by and very soon the fighters from all over the world will gather on it`s lists to find out who is the strongest, the toughest and the most skillful. There is only a week before the tournament, so the work of the organizing committee of the event is in full swing. A whole team of professionals is working on preparing for Dynamo, the main goal of whole team is to hold the event at a high level.

In order to avoid problems during the event, work is underway to draw up a tournament schedule that takes into account all fights in all categories, the entertaining part of the tournament and many other moments. In addition, the coordination of the numerous fighters arriving from all over the world is necessary. Ivan Koryagin, who is the member of the organizing committee of the “Dynamo Cup”, is engaged in this. He told HMBIA News about his part of the preparation for one of the most toughest tournaments in the world.

Ivan Koryagin:
“”In my responsibility is compilation of tournament nets, calculation of timing and docking over the time of fights categories (men’s battles “5vs5″, women’s “3vs3″, mass battles “15vs15″) .This work requires coordination and concerted action with other members of the orggroup, marshalls, moderators and commentators, coordinators of the show program, as well as with representatives of the technical group. “

According to Ivan, a separate layer of work – informing fighters and captains of teams about the time of the beginning of fights. This is very important, because some teams will go a long way to get on the “Dynamo Cup”. Therefore, the organizers are trying to draw up a schedule of battles so that all the participants managed to arrive in time and prepare for fights.
We should notice that this year the tournament will last for two days and, in addition to the HMB tournament, it is planned to hold a number of events – the HEMA tournament, MSF contests, as well as numerous thematic workshops and seminars.

Ivan Koryagin hopes that both days of the tournament will be interesting, rich and long-lasting in the memory of the participants and spectators: We wish all the participants of the “Dynamo Cup” -2017 victories and successes, and we invite all HMB fans to join us on December 2-3 in Moscow, in the Olympic Center of the Znamensky Brothers.


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