ITOC-2018 in USA: warm hospitality and tough fights

15 Nov 2018 13:53
HMBIA News received great news from USA! Mark Jackson President of Company of The Gauntlet and Rose, main organizer of the ITOC-2018 told us that the International Tournament of Chivalry at the 4th Annual HMB California Classic Buhurt League Master Tournament was attended by more than 4500 people in Fresno California on November 10-11, 2018.

This tournament was attended by fighters, marshals, and participants from 10 countries including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Russia, and Serbia. Mark mentioned that fighters from Mexico also were planning to participate, but withdrew due to unfortunate events.

Official Results of the Buhurt League Master Tournament are:
1. Iron Phoenix (Seattle, Washington)
2. Ordo Draconis (San Diego, California)
3. Skallagrims (Ontario, Canada)
4. Order of The Gauntlet and Rose – Team Two, not registered Composite Team (Fresno, California)
5. Iron Rook, not registered Composite Team (Seattle, Washington)
6. Ursus (San Jose, California)
7. Ordo Draconis, not registered Composite Team (San Diego, California)
8. Order of The Gauntlet and Rose (Fresno, California)

Sword and Shield:
1. Sam Awry (Iron Phoenix, Seattle Washington)
2. Pavel Burlakov (Russia)
3. Daniel Murphy (Ursus, San Jose California)

1. Derek Gabreski (Iron Phoenix, Seattle Washington)
2. Brad Blackmon (San Diego, California)
3. Chris Minerd (Los Angeles, California)

1. Marcin Waszkielis (Poland)
2. Sam Awry (Iron Phoenix, Seattle Washington)
3. Derek Gabreski (Iron Phoenix, Seattle Washington)

According to the results of the tournament Ordo Draconis HMB club (San Diego) was named USA 2 for Battle of The Nations-2019 in the Second USA National Qualifier. The third National Qualifier Tournament to name USA 3 was announced for February 23, 2019.
USA Women Team also held a training and scrimmage at the tournament.

According to Daniel Filipe, HMB marshal from Brazil, this event was extremely well organized. There was great fighters and experienced and unbounded marshals.

Daniel Filipe:
“From the very start, Mark Jackson organized it beside his wife, Coinda Jackson, family and Order of the Gauntled and Rose team! You could feel all the care and love at every single moment, from a peanut butter to the hardness of the lists. Then the incredible fighters that came all over the US and World. They dedicated loyal and devoted fights to each other. Marshals, also from all over the world, under the coordination of Knight Marshal Vitaly Makaryan, took care that every fight could happen inside the rules, safe and clear!”

After the end of the tournament Mark Jackson was very pleased with the results and thanked all those involved for the excellent and inspirational work during the preparation and conduct of the tournament.

Mark Jackson:
“On behalf of Company of The Gauntlet and Rose, we wish to thank all of our collaborative partnerships with HMBIA, Buhurt League, HMB USA, American Medieval Combat Federation, and the Empire of Medieval Pursuits for a successful tournament. We look forward to holding our Buhurt League Open Tournament at Sonora, California March 8-10, 2019 and other future tournaments as well. We cordially invite all teams from around the world to attend”.

If you want to take part in the announced future events in the USA please contact Mark Jackson and his team at with any questions.

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