Italian historical heritage as a beautiful background for modern knights’ battles

21 Dec 2017 15:24
Italy is rich on historical sights. And the most wonderful thing that ancient palaces, fortresses and ruins can be used as a perfect background for modern knights combats. In 2017 Italian HMB tournaments organizers held an events in 3 great medieval cities.

The first tournament is “1st stage of HMC CUP” was hold in Torino city.

Torino was founded in the 3d century B.C., and became a colony of Rome Empire later. In the first few centuries of our era. ,the city passed from hand to hand – in different times the Ostrogoths, Longobards, Franks ruled there. It was a part of Duchy of Savoy and even had a period of independence as a free commune. The meridian of Torino was the 16th century. At that time the city became to grow and prosper, construction works had begun rapidly, and city walls, ?itadel, Mole Antonelliana tower had been built. The city became a part of Italy in 1861, and the first Italian king, Victor Emmanuel II, had been crowned there.

Pisa became a historical location for another Italian tournament “2st stage of HMC CUP”. A playground was situated in ten minutes by car from the famous falling tower, one of the most unusual sightseen in the world.

Pisa is a mysterious city. Its foundation date is still unknown. In the beginning of our era. the city received the Roman law. Due to Imperator Augustus Pisa turned into an important maritime city. The meridian had been reached in the 10th century, when the city became an independent maritime republic. Pisa government conducted an aggressive politics, fighting with neighbor republics and conquering their lands.

In the 16th century, Pisa had its own knightly order – the “Saint Stephen”. The beautiful palaces belonging to the Order are now located on Piazza dei Cavalieri square, which means “Square of the Knights”. In the 19th century everything got calm, and in 1861 Pisa became a part of Italy.

Finally, the third tournament location in 2017 was a small town Volta Mantovana, situated in the Lombardy region, where modern knights successfully held the “Torneo del Colle II Edizione” tournament. The Palazzo Gonzaga-Guerrieri palace created by the Gonzagas in the 15th century gives a historical spirit to the town. The palace is surrounded by classical Italian gardens, still retaining the charm of the late Renaissance.

Italy is full of beautiful historical locations, and they help all the participants to go back to the past and double the spectacularness of combats. HMBIA News express the gratitude to organizers of the tournaments for their nondifference and professional approach to the HMB development.


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