Iron Clash Tournament 2015. Results and photos

07 Sep 2015 12:32

29-30 August, beautiful castle “Château De Murol” that is in Auvergne (France) met “Iron Clash Tournament” organized by Auvergne Béhourd and the French Béhourd Federation. Here the audience could see battles of Russian, Spanish, Luxembourg, Polish and Ukrainian teams. Edouard Eme, Iron Clash Tournament organizer, told that there were more visitors than last year.

Fighters met at the list in the “5vs5″ and “1vs1″ categories and got such results:

5 vs 5

1 place – Old Friends (Rus)

2 place – Martel / Aquila Sequania (Fr)

3 place – Confrérie des Loups (Fr)

Sword & shield (Female)

1 place – Kamila Henkelman (Pol)

2 place – Mila Sheremet (Ukr)

3 place – Sonia Alonso (Es)

Longsword (male)

1 place – Lafon Huges (Fr)

2 place – Samoilov (Rus)

3 place – Ageev (Rus)

Sword & shield (male)

1 place – Samoilov (Rus)

2 place – Lafon Huges (Fr)

3 place – Jun (Rus)

Every fighter did the best he could to win in contempt of the weather and other reasons

Rémi Pironin, fighter of «Les Bannerets d’Auvergne» and treasurer of Auvergne Béhourd: “Under a blazing sun, we gave the best of ourselves with some new fighters in the team and we finished 5th on 10. A good result for us. We expected hard times against Russians and we got our share ! We are progressing but they are far ahead. But we keep training and promoting medieval fighting in France, especially in Southern France.

HMBIA gave financial help and sent official HMB marshal. Because of this marshalling was made in a proper way. It was very useful for us and our tournament. Of course organizing First Class Tournament we had some difficulties, but mostly to satisfy the castle manager with a consistant planning and overcome the heat problem that was not expected.”

Rémi Pironin, fighter of «Les Bannerets d’Auvergne» and treasurer of Auvergne Béhourd: “It was a great tournament in Auvergne with the best french fighters. Spanish, Luxemburgers and Russians honoured us by their contribution. We wanted this Iron Clash Tournament in memory of Dimitri Fedosov, member of the team «Les Bannerets d’Auvergne», dead in 2013. It was the best way to honor him”.

Iron Clash – 2015 was the first tournament for 2 teams that made a good start. Everybody were very friendly so there was great atmosphere.

Edouard Eme, Iron Clash Tournament organizer: “The fighters had a lot of fun, and the First Class Tournament budget allowed us to provide better conditions for participants, cash prize, as well as gifts such as t-shirts and plan a seminar with the Russian champions. Everybody was satisfied and was a little sorry that it came to an end.

Also I can say that we have a lot of plans to the future. We`re planning to organize more tournaments in March, April and June, should be confirmed in January. To make the Iron Clash Tournament better we will try to improve the bracket system and organize “21vs21″ or “Mass battle”.

Edouard Eme,

captain of National Team of France,

Iron Clash Tournament organizer

Rémi Pironin,

fighter of « Les Bannerets d’Auvergne » and treasurer of Auvergne Béhourd,

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