Ira Rogozovsky wants to get the gold of Dynamo

30 Nov 2017 13:40
HMBIA News continue talking about training of the fighters who are planning to participate in one of the most tough tournaments in the world, the “Dynamo Cup”, which will be held in Moscow (Russia) this weekend 2-3th of December 2017. This time we decided to take an interest in the specifics of the training for this tournament of Irina Rogozovsky, well known in the HMB movement female fighter from Israel, exactly how is she preparing and what her ambitions for the “Dynamo Cup”-2017 are.
Irina Rogozovsky:
“For some reasons, my preparations basically involve training with our men’s team. Also, as usual before the competition, I practice Muai Thai and a special diet are added. As for ambitions, everything is simple here, of course, gold! This is my main goal”.

In addition, Irina shared with us her dreams related to Dynamo:
“This year will be the first women’s buhurts on Dynamo, it is very important for me that the fights in this nomination will be AWESOME. Maybe it will help to make this nomination a part of tournament program forever! Dynamo never allowed mixed fights (men plus women), and since the Buhurt League has started there are less and less tournament which allow such mixed fights.”

That is why it is very important for Irina that women’s fights be spectacular and interesting, demonstrate a high level of skills and attract audience. It can make organizers of other tournaments around the world to include women’s buhurt in their events program. In addition, Irina would like to see as many women teams as possible at the tournaments.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania