Incredible Christmas parties in Spain

28 Dec 2020 22:50

Spain continues our cozy marathon. These guys definitely know a lot about parties. New Year’s holidays under the gentle Spanish winter sun turn out to be very festive for the Ursus Custodes team from Madrid. All the years of its existence, more than 5 years, the men and women from the team arranged unimaginable and cheerful farewells with the outgoing year. This year, the Covid-19 virus made its own adjustments to their lives, but could not take away Christmas from these cheerful guys! Rubén Cabello González, Vice President of the Ursus Custodes told HMBIA News more about these parties:

“Normally, every year before Christmas the Ursus Custodes team gets together and have an internal tournament with a barbecue. We fight, dance and play games in armor … this year was impossible. We all can’t wait for all these Covid problems to go away. We miss those days!”


According to Rubén, there was a serious situation with Covid-19 in Madrid. They trained at home during the quarantine, but today they have an opportunity to return to the team training.

“Even so, in the club we have had great control over all our activities, having 0 cases of the infection. We have taken this situation seriously. We have recently started training together. Like every year we have been able to resume our Buhurt activities in the Castle of Manzanares el Real, but with a reduced capacity and health security. We haven’t been able to celebrate a party like other years. This year we have had a small party with the applicants, training games, gifts and lots of laughs”.

All the guys from the club are in a hurry to wish all their friends and brothers in arms a Merry Christmas! Their little congratulations are saturated with love for all of us and to our sport:

“From the club, Ursus Custodes, in Madrid, we would like to wish you, with all our heart, a Happy Christmas and our best wishes for the year 2021. Take good care of yourself and train hard. We hope to see you again soon in the tournaments. 

Semper miles, Semper Ferox!”

We join in the congratulations and look forward to meet the club’s fighters in hospitable Romania at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021.



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