“I swear” – one of the most important traditions of BOTN

02 Jun 2019 21:49
A slight feeling of nostalgia stays with us after the tenth anniversary of Battle of the Nations in Serbia. We would like to relive the championship events again and again and return to that unique atmosphere.

Let’s look back at the opening ceremony of the Championship together, and focus on one of the most important traditions associated with it. From year to year, more and more teams participate in the Battle of the Nations, the parade of participants becomes ever brighter. The main lists of the Championship line up beautiful, strong and fearless men and women in bright and unique surcoats, shining armor and with the flags of their country in hands. On their faces all solemnity and a sense of responsibility can be seen.

The ceremony is concluded with a touching ritual that has become a tradition; the captain’s oath. Championship participants from many countries put their right hands on their hearts, raise their left hands and swear to fight fairly, abide by the rules and respect the opponents.
“In the name of our nations and all competitors i swear that we will respect and abide by the HMBIA rules and regulations of Battle of the Nations and commit ourselves to the future of this sport without the influence of doping, upholding the values of sportsmanship and the heritage of our nations, honoring our fellow competitors”. And then the reply: “I swear”.

Bryce Lightbody, the captain of the Australian National team claims that this oath is not simply a tradition.  We hope that all HMB athletes have the same opinion:
“The Captain’s oath at the opening of Battle of the Nations is a good reminder of why we are all there. HMB is a very violent sport but also full of compassion. Every individual there is expected to hold themselves to the highest standard of competition and sportsmanship, to give their all on the field and be an honourable fighter. Whilst the Captains are the ones taking the oath, we are doing so on behalf of all our men and women about to take to the list”.

HMBIA News editorial office is sure that this tradition will last much longer. What an honour to hear more and more voices every year saying “I swear”! We can`t wait to see the opening ceremony of the next HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021 and what about you?
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania