Hungarians are eager to fight!

12 Aug 2021 15:19

The first HMB tournament in the last year and a half was recently held in HungaryRemarkably, that the Tournament of Visegrad – an event well known and loved by many HMB fighters in Europe. 

In connection with this, the HMBIA News editorial office was interested to find out how things are with HMB in this country, in principle, and after the Covid 19 restrictions in particular. 

We asked Ádám Ujvári, the captain of the HMB Hungary team and the main organizer of the Tournament of Visegrad event, to tell us about his impressions of the last tournament, the fighting level of the participants, and his plans concerning the next Battle of the Nations.

“It was good, we enjoyed it, it was a challenge to do the entire tournament all the way through after such a long time. 

It was very good that so many foreign teams were able to come, there is always something to learn from them and it helps the development in Hungary, especially when we talk about pros like the Prague Trolls or the Warriors of light teams, who have already fought on Buhurt Prime as well. 

Not only did we welcome fighters from the Czech Republic and Ukraine, but also the Graoully team from France. We were very happy to see them too. In the individual categories we even had Bulgarian and Austrian fighters ”, said Ádám Ujvári.

As we can see, the tournament turned out to be international and, apparently, the battles for the tournament awards were not going to be easy, because such giants had gathered.

It is worth noting that there were many and very diverse fights in the tournament. For 3 days there were duels, 5 vs 5 buhurt, and even HMB Soft competitions. You can find the results of the tournament on the Buhurt League page.

According to Adam, a total of 100 competitors were present and participated in various competitions over the three days from 7 different countries!

“We also organized a medieval fair at the competition site, with several famous Hungarian and Ukrainian craftsmen. A tailor, armor maker, sword maker, hat maker, goldsmith. We want to expand this event next year, if we can provide not only a simple tournament for people, but a complete cultural experience”.

According to Ádám Ujvári, they want to hold at least one more tournament before the end of the summer.

Now HMB athletes from Hungary have the opportunity to fully train and improve their skills. After all, there is no limit to perfection, but there is always something to strive for and from whom to learn.

It is also pleasant to note that during the forced quarantine, the number of clubs and fighters in the country has not changed and with those results, we have high expectations that HMB sport will continue to spread throughout Hungary and the number of athletes will increase.

Hungarians train hard and with passion, because the Battle of the Nations is ahead, and they certainly want to take part in the Championship and show themselves in duels and buhurts of the most important HMB tournament in the world. And of course, they want to see their country’s flag fly over the Oradea fortress in Romania.

We thank Adam for the interview, wish the HMB movement to flourish in his country, and look forward to meeting the Hungarian team at the Battle of the Nations in Romania.



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania