Hotel boom began in Trogir due to “Battle of the Nations”-2014

04 Apr 2014 11:37

Not much time left before “Battle of the Nations” and a hotel boom associated with the reservation of places to stay has begun in Trogir.

The news was conveyed by Marina Amelokhina, Head of HMBIA PR and marketing committee.

“The rooms are booked by people from different corners of the world, like South Africa, Scandinavia, North and South America, Australia,” she said.

Amelokhina said that participants of the championship, both fighters and civilians would have an opportunity to book discounted rooms. It applies to different accommodation options, such as hotels, apartments both in the city and on the island. For example, you can stay on the island, literally 2 minute away from the venue of the festival, if you stay in the city, it’ll take about 5-7 minutes to walk to the venue. There are options a few kilometers from Trogir. There are enough rooms for all the guests, according to Marina Amelokhina.

“There are special offers for those traveling in groups of a few people. For example, in the Old Town, on the island, most of the apartments are small villas, with two or three double rooms. So, you can rent a villa, which is very convenient,” she added.

Andreas Birca
“HMBIA News”

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