Holy Roman Empire advances towards Serbia!

10 Apr 2019 18:12
You can absolutely take this as literal. Holy Roman Empire is the name of the banner under which fighters from Germany and Italy have united. These countries have a lot in common. HMBIA news asked captain Jonas Freese to share his thoughts about how such a union became possible.
“Italy and Germany have a quiet and nice connection on this sport. Both have a history in the Battle of the Nations and we have a lot of friends over there”.

In addition, there is something very important that united not only these 2 countries, but became common for all participants of the НМВ World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019.

150vs150 is the biggest dream ever to come true for us. We are hoping for field battles in full contact fighting for so long now”.

Soon this dream will become a reality! One steel army will meet with another on the Serbian fields and a unique battle of never before seen greatness will commence!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania