HMBSoft for the Battle of the Nations

03 May 2019 00:24
On the first day of the Battle of the Nations, after warming up intensively and having a hearty breakfast, the HMB Soft camp participants went to the fortress of Smederevo. The guys organized an interactive platform where anyone could try their hand at battles in soft armor. There was no end to those wanting to have a go!
A master class from Ilya Ivanovna, a two-time World Champion in the Sword and Buckler nomination, was held near the site.
Anastasia Yargina took a direct part in the work on site. The HMBSoft athletes have a thing or two to learn from the girl, despite her young age, as this participant of last year’s HMBSoft camp is the HMBSoft world champion 2018. At the moment, Anastasia is already fighting with steel weapons and even became a member of the Russian women’s 5 vs 5 team.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania