HMBIA Summit 2016: The triathlon is going to happen!

02 Dec 2016 11:58

According to the summary of the HMBIA Summit 2016 in Milan, the modernization of duel nomination “Triathlon” became one of the most resonating themes. Starting from the year 2017, there will be presented three separate fencing categories on the stadiums of “Battle of the Nations” – “longsword”, “shield-sword” and “buckler-sword; also – “Triathlon” as a super final for the best fighters. A lot of members of the HMB movement are in favor of such decision, believing that it will ease the struggle for the place in the National team of a certain country, but there are also sportsmen who believe that it is an unnecessary step.

HMBIA explains that “Triathlon” as it is will stay in the tournament tables of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. From now on, “Triathlon” will be an elite duel category, in which best of the best fencers in the world could measure their strength. The exclusive right of taking part in “Triathlon” is received only by the sportsmen – winners of the “Battle of the Nations”, who achieved victory in the separate duel nominations “longsword”, “shield-sword” and “buckler-sword”.

HMBIA reports that with desire to make such innovation comfortable for the participants of the HMB movement, to discuss the details of duel nominations and the imbedding of the “Triathlon”, the Association is to organize a “round table”, to where all of the champions in duel categories of the “Battle of the Nations” and the directors of the clubs-champions will be invited to discuss the best resolutions together.

HMBIA News will inform you about the date of the “round table” and its results in following publications, in our social networking spaces and on our website.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania