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08 Dec 2019 11:11
During the round table discussion, the issue of organizing and promoting HMB tournaments was re-raised. Irina Kamaeva (HMBIA PR & Marketing) advised the discussion participants to regard the tournament as product as a whole, noting that there was already a lot of experience in “selling” such projects to potential partners and representatives of the city authorities to raise a budget, as well as on ways of possible cooperation with representatives of the sports grounds and historical facilities. Thanks to certain developments, HMBIA is ready to assist the tournament organizers in developing presentation materials that explain the nature of sports, the attractiveness of such events and the possibility of their application from the standpoint of preserving the historical heritage, increasing the tourist flow, developing and popularizing a certain location as part of event marketing.

In addition, Irina emphasized the need for explanatory work with people who are not involved in the HMB movement with promotional materials telling in brief abstracts about sports and about HMBIA in general. The Association has a standard set of materials for negotiating, and is also ready to assist tournament organizers in creating new ones, taking into account the needs of national federations of different countries. The parties agreed to create such materials in the languages of the participants in the discussion.

Also, the need to protect HMBIA intellectual property, the use of Association content and the existing brand identity was actively discussed. Irina noted that the detailed regulations of the new information policy of the Association will be published on official resources. For additional questions and clarifications on the use of the content and identity of the Association and brands, or if you want to participate in the development of a presentation booklets in your own language, please contact directly through social networks or email
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania