HMBIA General Assembly: results from Rome

03 Oct 2017 19:08

HMBIA General Assembly 2017 gathered the most active HMB-movement representatives and leaders on 30th September in Rome, Italy.

This year the format of an annual meeting was changed. Four working groups were created for the event – Marshal’s, Tournament, HMB Soft and Captains sections. It helped to raise the efficiency of communication and resolution process.

The process of HMB-movement and clubs development in the county was discussed within Captains session in which National Team Captains and National Representatives took part. The Buhurt League with its rules and regulations became the main issue of this section. Participants agreed that the Buhurt League is the future of the HMB-movement, therefore its development is one of the main vectors of activity for association.

The Tournament section participants discussed the improvements of their tournaments and, of course, Tournament Committee’s work at the World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. Additional solutions for the organization and specific features for the Tournament ?ommittee, legionnaires, duel categories (profights according to WMFC) were worked out during this session. And again, the huge attention to the Buhurt League concept and related moments was paid.

At the Marshals session the supervisor of the Marshal’s Committee Sergei Miasishchev presented the amendments to the Buhurt rules and regulations. Additionally, the number of innovations and vectors for further development of the committee were discussed.

HMB Soft session participants worked on the development of children’s and youth’s HMB. Ali Askerov, the head of HMB Soft Russia, presented the concept of the children’s World Championship in HMB Soft among clubs and schools that will be held in Prague on 25th November 2017.

The presentation of the World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 was one of the most important moments at the General Assembly. All the participants took part in the discussion of the date, format and other details of upcoming event No.1 in HMB-movement.

So, “Battle of the Nations 2018″ will be held in Italy, from 3rd to 6th of May.

During the final speech of Anton Trubnikov at the General Assembly, the decision of the new HMBIA president elections was announced.

After 5 years of successful work Anton Trubnikov decided to leave his position. The election process is scheduled to December 2017, and Anton is pretty sure that his successor will do a lot of important work for HMB development.

Summing up, the main vectors of activity had been defined here, in Rome, and we are working on the implementation of all the plans into life.


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1st-4th July
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