HMBIA General Assembly: National Federations global network

05 Oct 2017 15:23
During the work of HMBIA General Assembly participants made a number of important decisions linked to HMB sport and its growth worldwide. One of such decisions was to admit National Federations as representatives of HMB international Association in each country. Local Federations become an important part of HMB-movement development process. They share the same missions and values as HMBIA that helps for better coordination and cooperation.

National Federations cooperating with HMBIA would be able to get the best coaching, seminars with its managers, key figures, top-sportsmen and marshals. Association will share the experience on legal, organizational and other matters and that could be very useful for the development of the sport in such country. HMBIA will support National Federations in their cooperation with government and local authorities as well and supporting National Federation and its actions in Public Relations etc. Additionally, HMBIA will grant National Federations by the exclusive right to use HMBIA’s trademarks and brands in their countries. This can be useful in their activity and can help Federations to attract people by the fact that they belong to a large international structure.

To be recognized by HMBIA, the National Federation should sign an association agreement with it. Right after that National Federation becomes a representative of HMBIA and the main regulating body of HMB-movement in the country. It gets a right to recognize local HMB-clubs. Whereas HMB-clubs declared by National Federation are able to organize fighters recognition process. But in the case when the fighter is not the member of HMB-club or there are no official clubs in the country the National Federation can admit a fighter.

The cooperation in such way can simplify the communication between countries and International Association and that will give new opportunities for development of HMB-sport worldwide.

Should you have any questions regarding National Federations, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania