HMBIA General Assembly: a new stage of НМВ soft development

07 Oct 2017 18:21
During the work of the HMBIA General Assembly in Rome, representatives of the participating countries of the HMB movement paid special attention to the HMB Soft. This is an important part of the sport – as an independent direction, preparing children for full-contact fights in the armor, and part of the training process of adult sportsmen. To develop this direction it was decided to create the HMB Soft Committee. Responsibility for its creation was assigned to Ali Askerov, Sergey Myasishchev and Eugenii Galushin. There is a lot of work in this direction, but it is only known that the committee will include all representatives of the HMB-movement interested in the development of this direction.

In Marshall`s section of the Assembly, the participants discussed the specifics of the judging for HMB Soft tournaments. Sergey Myasishchev, HMBIA marshal supervisor, who headed the section, paid special attention that it is necessary to have special professional skills are required for qualified and fair refereeing of the HMB Soft tournaments. And marshals have to be even more qualified than judging fights on steel weapons.

Sergey Myasishchev:
“The speeds in the HMB Soft are much higher than in full-contact fights in armor. In addition, the soft sword does not have a pronounced blade, which makes it`s more difficult to determine the skill of the strike. Accordingly, the main program content for the marshals retraining for HMB Soft is an explanation of the nuances of judging such discipline. I am sure that it can`t be so difficult to adapt the professional skills of judging HMB soft for a qualified HMB marshal. For the preparation of such specialists we are planning to hold several seminars dedicated to this discipline and we are sure that soon the HMB Marshals will be able to work at the HMB Soft competitions”.

Particular attention is also paid to security issues. The principle of security is the basis of the rules system for HMB Soft because this is the sport for the children. Marshals performing refereeing should pay special attention to this aspect. The work with marshals for the HMB soft direction will begin in the nearest future, and the practical experience they will get working on November 25, 2017 in Prague (Czech Republic) at the first HMB Soft World Championship.

Also there is a discussion of the creation the database of groups and clubs where children are engaged in the HMB soft throughout the Europe and a database of gyms suitable for training in such direction.

HMBIA helps to organize HMB Soft seminar in Italy for the young sportsmen on November 12, 2017. The captain of the Italian National team, Antonio De Zio, agreed to help with the organization. In addition, the participants of the Assembly considered that it is necessary to create the specifical Internet community to discuss issues related the HMB Soft direction.

Should you have any questions regarding HMB soft direction, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:


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