HMB training seminar in Quinto Vercellese, Italy

23 Sep 2015 09:57

HMBIA in association with AICM Italian Team proudly invites you to join us in Italy for a unique training seminar for the 5 vs. 5 and 21 vs. 21 buhurt categories, held by the Russian champions of Battle of the Nations.
This stunning event will take place in the grounds of the enchanting Castello di Avogadro, at the easy-to-reach Quinto Vercellese, equidistant between Milan and Turin. Your hosts in the castle offer FREE accommodation in the castle for all participants – not only that, but participation in the training weekend is also ABSOLUTELY FREE!

LEARN FROM THE BEST – The Russian trainers are experts in sharing their knowledge and skill with international groups, and will bring out the best in you.
TRAIN WITH THE HARDEST – As well as the seminar, you will have the chance to train in full armour with fighters of all levels of experience. Participation in the training is not obligatory; you can simply come and observe the seminar and training if you prefer.

ENJOY THE SURROUNDINGS – This historical castle is the perfect location. After the training seminar you will be invited for a tour of the castle where you can learn about its fascinating history, and on Saturday night you will have a chance to try local specialities at a dinner for all participants.


For any special requests such as travel arrangements, translators or any other questions you have about the training seminar, please write to

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania