HMB Tournaments Map: Let there be maximum efficiency!

17 Dec 2014 11:39

HMBIA intends to maintain and develop the work of the HMB tournaments calendar, which is available on “Battle of the Nations” website ( The decision was supported by all summit participants (the summit was held in Prague (Czech Republic) on November 29-30, 2014). The calendar will work in the following way: a representative of the tournament committee (together with the leaders of HMB movement around the world) will update the tournament grid on the website several times a month.

The next stage of the HMB tournaments calendar development will be ranking of tournaments. Potential participants will see marks of certain colors indicating level of the tournament. At the moment, all tournaments on the map have the same logo and only the World Championship “Battle of the Nations” has unique one.

However, according to HMBIA, there is still a lot of work to standardize assessment criteria, tournament requirements. Organizers of competitions will be advised by the Association concerning ways of their tournaments improvement, concerning bringing them to a higher level.

One of the major innovations to the calendar will be introduction of a timeline. It will allow people to choose tournaments within the time period suitable for them, which may concur with holidays or vacations. We remind you that in order to make a tournament appear on the map, its organizer has to fulfill several conditions. In particular:

1) The tournament shall be open to all fighers, regardless of what club, organization or association they may represent;

2) At least one category of the tournament has to be held according to the rules of HMBIA and the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations.”

The main advantage from placing a tournament on the map is an event advertising. Organizers get more traffic and international audience, whose attention is on the tournament. By the way, upon the request of tournament organizers, you can get promotional materials, such as flyers, “Battle of the Nations” and HMBIA flags, guarantee of informational support for the tournament. Also, if necessary, HMBIA can assist and send accredited HMBIA marshals to the event. Experienced professionals can help not only with the event refereeing, but also organize a number of trainings for local marshals, to help them gain experience in practice.

As before, tournament organizers can fill in a form themselves and the tournaments will appear on the map. As it was stated by HMBIA, the map is open for maximum efficiency in working with it.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania