HMB-sport in Mexico – tough and regular

16 Dec 2016 11:48

November 19-20, Queretaro (Mexico) held the “Medieval Festival”. It was the 3rd such event and this year it has become international. As we know, there are a lot of tournaments in Mexico, every month you can take part in such HMB-event because HMB sport is very popular in this country. Orión Maldonado Reyes, fighter of the “Dragones Grises” team (Mexico) told HMBIA News about the development of HMB in Mexico.

Orión Maldonado Reyes:
“Every single month we have a new fighter with armour, so it’s a matter of time we can have a top quality team in “5vs5″ and “21vs21″.

HMBIA News thanks Orión Maldonado Reyes for the interview and wish Mexico a lot of interesting tournaments and a big number of tough fighters.


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