HMB Soft World Championship: the new HMB-generation is coming!

13 Nov 2017 18:18
The first HMB Soft World Championship is a significant event for the HMB-community around the world. This is the prestigious playground, where juniors will show what they have learned from grown-up fighters, who handed down to younger comrades their skills and knowledge, gave passion and will to victory!

While teams are training hard before combats, which will be held on the 25th of November in Prague, we are talking with the Championship’s organizer Evgenii Galushin about the big work, which was done for giving children an opportunity to enjoy fights, win, learn something new and travel!

Evgenii Galushin:
“We have passed a long way from the presentation of the children’s HMB vector on the “Battle of the Nations” Championship in Prague in 2015 to official creation of the “HMB Soft” committee on the General Assembly in Rome in 2017. The idea of the Championship for children has appeared a long time ago, but it took time to turn it into life. Main steps in preparations were, as usual, choosing a place and dates for the event. Originally we thought about Prague, and it became a venue for current Championship”.

During the preparation process, the HMB Soft organizers invited the captains team and HMBIA representatives for cooperation. Then they came up with the application form and started online-registration. A big work under personal invitations of participants has been done as well.

The interest in the event is impressing! 70 young fighters representing 20 teams from Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine will come to combats. There will be participants who will take part in such competitions for the first time. But there will be young fighters from Ukraine, Russia, Poland who already have an experience in different tournaments.

Evgenii Galushin noted that such a significant event with no doubts will be a new episode in the HMB Soft development:

“This Championship will be significant both for participants and organizers. Following the results, the decisions about further development vectors, the creation of the general worldwide tournament net, seminars for marshals and coaches will be set. I can tell about participants from Russia that the appearing of such an international tournament, like the Championship under the HMBIA guidance, is raising the motivation of young sportsmen and giving them a good aim for training”.

Children’s HMB actively increases around the world. Team captains understand that young generation should be prepared ahead. The priority task for everyone who develop children’s HMB sport is implementation methods and techniques in working with kids. The main moment is safety, it’s really important. The next task is the creation of the HMB Soft tournaments system worldwide.

The HMB Soft orgteam, together with other HMBIA committees, is currently working on new projects about arrangement of children’s fights. HMBIA News will inform you about novelties, and wishes success to the organizers!

You can take a look on a full list of HMB Soft rules by following link


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania