HMB Soft Open German Championship rocked again!

12 Apr 2019 23:43
The second edition of HMB Soft Open German Championship took place in Ganspe (Germany). Michael Tegge, the member of the organization team told about the tournament in details.
“We had age categories from 7 – 18 years. And around 10 more participants than last year. So HMB Soft is growing very well here in the north of Germany. The tournament was great. All kids enjoyed it”.

Michael told that Ali Askerov, HMB Soft Russia representative and chief marshal of the competition (Russia) and HMB Soft marshal Daria Krasikova did great work. They brought anything needed for the tournament from Russia. Also there was a great help from the German marshal Valentin Zerr too and the new trainee marshal from Ganspe Bahram Pasuki.
The fights were tough and the marshalling was fair. So the official results of the event are as follows:
Age 7-8
1. Balian, TUS Warfleth (G)
2. Zoey, TUS Warfleth (G)
3. Mika, TUS Warfleth (G)

Age 10-11
1. Erik, TUS Warfleth (G)
2. Tobias, Prague (CZ)
3. Tristan, TUS Warfleth (G)

Age 12-13
1. Rodion, MSVK Nürnberg (G)
2. Helge, Decima (G)
3. Finn, TUS Warfleth (G)
Age 16-17
1. Erik, MSVK Nürnberg (G)
2. Hauke, TUS Warfleth (G)
3. Thorben , TUS Warfleth (G)

Michael Tegge:
“This year one boy from another country took part in our tournament. This year 10 year old participant, Tobis from Prague, Czech Republic joined. Last year we had a boy from St. Petersburg, Russia. I hope next year more countries will join us for the HMB Soft tournament. Maybe from our direct neighbours here Netherlands, Denmark and Poland”.

This year as always everyone in organizers team and partners of the event did everything to make HMB Soft Open German Championship comfortable for the young athletes. Thanks again to everyone who made this tournament possible. The greatest appreciation for the participants of the tournament!

The end of the event was festive and sweet! Parents of the young athletes prepared a very large and very tasty cake in honor of the closing of the tournament. Of course, everyone came together to sample t his treat; teams, judges and organisers.

HMB Soft and cake unite people!

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