HMB-Soft on the “Battle of the Nations”-2017: master-class from the champions

20 May 2017 10:01
Prizewinners of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 in the Triathlon nomination made master-class for the young HMB-Soft fighters. Ilia Ivanov (3 place) and Alexei Petrik (1 place) met no less titled young sportsmen Ilia Malyugin, gold winner of the Europe in 2017 (age category 16-17 y.o.), Michail Fatov, gold winner of Europe in 2017 (age category 14-15 y.o.) and Ivan Michailov – silver of Europe (14-15 y. o. nomination) from “Peresvet” HMB club (St. Petersburg, Russia). Also, to help the Russian sportsmen, came the captains of the national teams of Poland, UK, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries-participants. Among other things, youngsters had an opportunity to talk to 6 times champion of the world and silver prize winner of this year’s Championship, famous Sergey Ukolov.

The sportsmen had numerous sparring and discussed a lot of technique related things. Guys asked questions about technique, speed and etc. Champions stayed content with battle against the growing generation!

Alexei Petrik, champion of the world in HMB in the “Triathlon” and “Sword and shield” nominations: “Very nice guys, very rapid, interesting fighters. It’s not like you come out on the list to kick some kids. They make serious challenge and if guys won’t quit and continue to train – they will become pretty serious fighters. When I started practicing fencing, there were no soft sword trainings yet. It was difficult with that kind of thing at the time. Now, with development of the sport as a whole, one can gradually enter HMB sport without any injuries. Because such battles are completely safe. I know that the smallest children of 3-4 years of age can fight, they have their own championships. You can imagine that if he started fencing at 3, when he’s 18, he’s going to be a monster! We ourselves train in soft armor”.

Young fighters did not come to the “Battle of the Nations”-2017 just by chance. Guys were practicing whole year, achieved victories in championships and for their achievements, HMB Soft organization provided them with travel to Barcelona on the Championship of the in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017.

Ali Askerov, head of HMB-soft Russia: “We chose the most decent sportsmen from every age category. They deserved such present! We wanted them to see with their eyes what they are trying to achieve, what they desire the most”.

Young sportsmen were very impressed with the master-class, not every day there is an opportunity to cross swords with the champion of the world! As they said in the interview, contact with the fighters of such high level were beneficial for them. They found out a lot about various fighting techniques and got great impressions from sparring. They could not describe their impressions from the “Battle of the Nations” with words.

Ilia Malyugin, sportsman of the HMB-soft (17 years old): “I am so excited and glad! “Battle of the Nations” – is the level for a real fighter to achieve. If an underage child can visit here, it’s a great opportunity to watch fighters and there is extra motivation appears to come out on the list and defend your country’s honor in the future”.

All three boys said that their dream is to make it in the HMB sport, enter the national team of Russia and come take part in the “Battle of the Nations”.


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