HMB Soft in Israel: a new round of development

11 Mar 2020 17:01

The end of February in Israel proved to be extremely eventful. The first HMB Soft tournament was held there for youths and adults, and a seminar for Israeli marshals was held in the city of Tel Aviv, where they learned to master the skills of working at HMB Soft events. With particular focus on advanced training of the marshals, they decided to organize a seminar headed by Ali Askerov, the HMB Soft curator. Together with Ali, 6 seminar participants examined the features of refereeing all HMB Soft categories. The seminar was hosted by the M.F.C. club.

According to Ali Askerov, the first part of the seminar was completely devoted to theory – the subtleties and nuances of the marshals’ work in children’s categories. At the end of the theoretical section, all participants stepped forward for a practical test.

“Israeli marshals have worked out the fights of the “12-13 years old” and “14-15 years old” age groups. Special thanks go to the young athletes who managed to participate in our seminar. At the end of the practical section, a survey was conducted among marshals on topics covered at the seminar. “I was satisfied with the results. Moreover, both with answers to specially prepared tricky questions, and with the practical work of the participants”,- said Ali Askerov.

In addition, Ali noted that the friendly and warm atmosphere prevailing in the club M.F.C. contributed a lot to the productive work at the seminar in Tel Aviv. Ali thanked the organizers of the event: Irina Rogozovskaya and Mikhail Morgulis for such hospitality.


Also during the interview, Ali Askerov expressed the hope that having taken such a start in Israel, the HMB Soft direction will only grow and develop in this territory, and the seriousness of the Israeli side’s intentions is also highlighted by the fact that in late March 2020, Tel Aviv plans to host an HMB Soft tournament for young athletes. Ali Askerov and the HMBIA News editorial office sincerely wish the organizers of the HMB Soft tournament great success in planning the event the highest possible level.

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