HMB Soft for RECON fest: buhurts and duels

26 Feb 2019 21:38
The fights of the tournament will last all 2 days of the festival. The team battles following the HMB Soft 5×5 rules will open the soft competition. Although buhurts in soft armour are an invention from 2018, they’ve already managed to capture the hearts of young athletes and spectators alike. With the HMB soft buhurts as a new discipline in the HMB soft system, a new rating system was launched.
According to organisation, representatives and the senior judge Ali Askerov (Russia) many teams from all over Russia and teams from unions of different clubs are expected to participate.

The program of the HMB Soft tournament:
March, 2:
5?5 ??? Soft
3?3 SSF (Sport Sword Federation) up to 11 years

March, 3:
SSF – duels in the Sword and Buckler category (age group up to 11 years)
??? Soft – qualifying
SSF – duels in the Spear category (adults and young men 16-17 years).

Fights promise to be spectacular and dynamic, and, most importantly, safe for athletes.

In addition, traditionally the winners will receive unique prizes.

The participants at HMB Soft tournaments are traditionally girls and boys between 12 and 17 years old, divided into 3 age groups.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania