HMB Soft Camp-2019: one more happy childhood memory

15 May 2019 22:07
The work of HMB Soft Camp that were based on the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019, was completed. Satisfied participants returned home and it was time to remember how it was and share their impressions. Alexander Parshkov, a representative of the Tannenberg club, tells how the HMB Soft Camp in Serbia was.
Alexander Pashkov:
“Spending time in the HMB Soft Camp is the best option to relax during the May holidays. The main event of the camp was the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations, which left a lot of impressions. The organization of the camp was on top. There was not a minute wasted. Every day left behind a special impression. HMB champion`s and athletes who have been in this sport for many years workshops really impressed me and, perhaps, the rest of the guys from the Camp. This was an opportunity to gain new skills and strengthen existing ones.
But workshops are only part of that important and useful things that I acquired in the camp. Trainings from Ilya Malyugin helped us keep in good shape the whole trip. Also we could exchange the combat experience, which is also important for each of us.

It was also interesting to walk around Belgrade. Separately, I would like to thank Daria and Andrew, who have been looking after us all this time.
A lot of emotions left the last day of the Battle of the Nations because of the weather. I, as a person who enjoy rain and coolness, was in a great mood.

It was sad to leave people who became a friends during a time in Camp. I hope we can still get together this company. ”

Mikhail Fatov from the Peresvet club also recalls with warmth and nostalgia notes the events that filled the camp every day. There are training, support for the Championship participants in the stands, tours and great company. But let’s give the opportunity to Michael himself to tell in the first person:

“Children’s HMB Soft Сamp  at the anniversary Battle of the Nations left a good impression. HMB Soft zone that took place in the Smederevo fortress forced me to apply all the  English language skills that I had and that was a pleasure. The program of the camp was diverse and did not let us get bored, although there was enough free time. A good coach, a competent schedule and excellent companions – the key to a wonderful holiday.

Of course, the time spent here was full of various events. Visiting historical monuments on the territory of the Vicenarium, a trip to the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and much more. Of course, I remember the rain, which became an adventure for all participants and spectators of the last day of Battle of the Nations.

The food in the camp also left a good impression. All the food was delicious, especially given out to the festival, but the variety of diet could not boast: every lunch and dinner began with the same soup.
In general, the camp leaves positive emotions, mostly because of the company. I would be happy to visit it again, but, unfortunately, during the next Battle of the Nations I will be adult. So I recommend to visit”.

As you can see, the camp participants are satisfied, and that’s what the most important thing! We hope that the organization of HMB Soft Camp at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations will become a good tradition and each time more and more young athletes will take part and enter their names in the history of HMB Soft and HMB sports in general.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania