HMB Soft and Medieval History for kids

05 Jul 2019 22:05
One could imagine there are no medieval fans in the tropical lands of Brazil. It would be a lack of imagination, once medieval spirit is quite alive among concrete jungle and savage hills near the beach.
A project carried by Daniel Felipe (HMBIA Marshal) and his team, the Silver Sword Company, is taking HMB Soft experiences to kids and teens at public and private schools, reaching more than 2 thousand kids so far.

“It’s a magic moment, being in front of so many young fellows, all amazed by the presence of medieval knights in real armours. Then our class begins with contents of medieval history that they’re used to learn from books and tablets”, says Daniel about it.

By visiting a school, Silver Sword makes a preview exposition of historical items, available for students for a week. Then they return with two knights and teach all that is required from regular teachers. At the end, there are duels between fighters, where kids learn HMB regulations and help Daniel to count the scores.

After that, kids are invited to practice with HMB Soft equipments.
“That’s how they connect to the past in a link to the future of culture and the medieval combat sport in Brazil”, says Fabio Toniolo, fighter from the National team of Brazil and the representative of Silver Sword Company non-profit organization.

As we can see everything is possible for the passionate people who are truly believe in what they are doing!HMBIA News is appreciated Daniel Felipe for the interview and wish his team inspiration to continue their work with children in Brazil.

Photos by Silver Sword Company

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