HMB seminar for women

24 Sep 2015 14:25

This weekend is going to be awesome, because we have prepared for you a great, unique event! On 10-11 of October Galina Kokhvakko and Aleksei Petrik will held thematic seminars of duel fencing – HMB-triathlon. Every day there will be intensive trainings for different nominations for all participants.

Success secret of the HMB World Champion Galina Kokhvakko is hidden in a special training plan and in some innovative training development in 3 disciplines, because trainings with long, heavy one-and-a-half sword differ from trainings with shield. There are also a lot of nuances in buckler possession and heavier triangle shield. Do you want to watch how the best fencers train? So visit the seminar and take part in all seminar trainings!

Besides live communication with the most successful fencing pair in a world, you will have an opportunity to train with them! Specialties of the warm-up and stretching, basic technical exercises, hit positions and sparrings – everything will be in a non-stop mode! Training will be held with special, facilitated, training equipment, because organizers want to give you an opportunity to realize all your possibilities during whole seminar and to get only positive emotions and useful skills.

Are you a beginner in fencing and hesitating to go on training with professional or not? Are you training hard for a long time and have a great tournament experience? – Just take your sportswear and come to fence. Every participant will have an opportunity to ask a question about trainings, Galina Kokhvakko`s and Aleksei Petrik`s tournament preparation. Fencing seminar in an old Spanish castle is a unique chance to feel romantic of the Middle Ages and to level up your sword skills and fight technique.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania