HMB Schools: Intermediate Results

05 Aug 2019 22:56
Teams of HMB Schools continue their march in tournaments throughout Russia. Almost every large and even small tournament can meet these young, but ambitious and strong fighters.

HMB schools exist throughout Russia for a year and a half. Igor Kravchenko, the head of the HMB School project in February 2019, spoke about the first results of their work. However, let’s find out everything from the very beginning.Preparing a new generation of athletes is one of the most important tasks in any sport. HMB is no exception. During 2018, HMB schools began to appear on the territory of Russia.There HMB fighters train the next generation. There was a conference meeting about the creation of such a school as part of the festival of the military historical movement RECON. Igor Kravchenko, the project manager of the HMB School presented the results of this work and the directions in which the HMB schools are developing.

Nowadays there are 13 HMB schools throughout Russia.  Among them are Krasnodar, Voronezh, Moscow, Kirov, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod, Stavropol, St. Petersburg and others.

In addition, In several schools a series of master classes regarding the use of the most effective fighting techniques and strike techniques were held. Seminars for youth and women’s teams were held in the format of coverage of all aspects of training. It is planned to develop this area of work further.

As one of the achievements of the past year Igor Kravchenko mentioned the creation of the statistics system of the fighter`s effectiveness. Thanks to, among other things, the statistics data, the youth team was formed. By the way this youth team participated in the Prague Falchion 2019 tournament and took the 3rd place. Also, thanks to these statistics, fighters will be offered to join the Russian national team for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations.

It should be pointed out that a website has been developed specifically for the HMB schools in Russia. It will contain information about the rules, methods of schools, the list of participants of the youth team, their parameters, weapons and other necessary information. The system is currently at the testing stage.

Igor Kravchenko also said that HMB Schools are actively promoted on the Internet. Groups of HMB schools can be easily found on the social network Vkontakte.

An important achievement of the year 2018, and the first year of the HMB schools existence: the project manager considers the creation of a Study Guide for Certification of 1st Level Students. Multiple world champions Evgeny Gladkov and Sergey Ukolov took an active part in the development of the methodology. Igor Kravchenko presented the first copies of the methodological manual to them and several other school leaders.

The project manager also spoke about the tasks they are facing in 2019 for the further development of HMB schools. In particular the issue of retaining and increasing the number of trainees.

There are many tasks for this year:

– to increase the number of people who regularly attend trainings
– to improve the content and quantity
– creation of at least 2 more levels of methodology
– creation of calendar of events and master classes
– creation of an initiative group
– improvement of the website
– creation of a certification system for trainers
– Training center certification system
– bringing the training center (the same here) of the HMB schools to the general corporate identity
– improve the system of interaction between schools.

For their successful implementation and successful work of the project as a whole, it was decided to create an administrative group of school leaders.
According to Igor Kravchenko an important task is the expansion of the project of HMB schools abroad.According to Igor Kravchenko, the active work is being carried out in all the planned areas today. The Schools website is being improved, work is continuing on the teaching methodology, the 2nd and the third level of the methodology are being developed. The first level is already available on the HMB Schools website.

In addition, it is soon planned to conduct a test according to the results of which a person may receive a certificate of theoretical knowledge.

“Work to open new schools is also underway. We invite everyone who wants to open the HMB School in your region. We are open to cooperation. We are waiting for new guys who want to join the youth team. They can submit their worksheet for consideration. We are open to anyone who wants to engage in historical medieval battle.”

We will report on the next stages of the HMB Schools project development in our next publications.
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