HMB Santy and his medieval adventures

20 Dec 2017 15:22
Santiago Augusto Chevasco Di Francesco is one of the most perceptible member of HMB movement in Argentina despite the small height and age – he is less than 2 years old. He is Andy Di Francesco and Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz`s son. He often attend Medieval events and everyone knows him and admire his medieval civil clothes which his mother made for him. HMBIA news asked Andy to tell us about it.

Andy Di Francesco:
“I make the outfit for him for each event because he is growing up so fast and he can’t put on the same costume twice. I use the pieces of fabric that remain from other costumes. Mostly it`s historical fabric – linen, gabardine, brocato, wool. I never look for some special sources and examples of historical clothes for children of that period. I don`t think that normal medieval children use to wear so fancy clothes, may some nobleman child, but as they grow so quick I think that people that have not much money could not expand so much… I just make an adult costume in the size of a child”.

It`s a very exquisite workmanship, so Andy have to be skilled. Fortunately, according to Andy, Santiago or little Santy used to such cloth and don`t mind to wear it.

Andy Di Francesco:
“I don`t know exactly if he likes it, but he used to wear medieval cloth in the event… the hat was difficult at first, but after some fight he agreed to use it. But if it`s a very hot day, a hat of wool isn`t too much welcome. But he has to resit the medieval root of the family”.

By the way, HMB is really in his genes! His father, Juan Manuel, told us that Santy had already had his first duel fight with…..Sergey Ukolov! And showed very good results!

Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz:
“In a lunch with Sergey Ukolov and George Yurchak in Argentina, Ukolov played with him with spoon, start playing… but when my boy do 2 points… the situation was serious and Sergey put his guard… why do I tell you that? Because in the “HMB Cup Argentina” I did just 1 point! and my baby did 2 points !!))) It`s really good duelist!

HMBIA and our editorial office can be sure that this boy has great future in HMB sport – both in fighting and non-fighting categories. We thank this great couple for the interview and photos and wish this family all the best.

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